Cool Cat Sites

Everyone loves looking at cute cat pictures and watching funny cat videos. People are so in love with their pets, they even make sites dedicated to them. While surfing the web, I’ve come across a few sites with entertaining photos and videos. Below are three cool cat sites any cat owner will appreciate.

The first site is about a cat named Oreo. He is a tuxedo rescue cat. Oreo has his own site called The Oreo Cat which features him and his fellow cat sisters and brother. The site promotes different pet charities and sends a positive message.

In addition to the main site, Oreo has a bunch of social sites too. Not only is he very photogenic, but also has some very entertaining videos set to music on Youtube and Vine to name a couple of his additional venues. Oreo is often sporting a tie or hat making for great cat shots.

The projects Oreo supports tend to change, but each one is focused on raising money for a good cause. Any cat lovers should definitely check out this site. I guarantee you will love the Oreo Cat Youtube channel.

Here’s one of his videos as a sample:

The second site features four cats, dubbed the MeowBrand cats because that is the name of the site. Like the Oreo cat, this site has four sibling, 2 brothers and 2 sisters, who are the focus of many of the articles.

The MeowBrand site is set up more as a hub for cat owners and provides information on items for cats and their owners. It is structured with several topics such as cat toys, cat food, housebreaking, health, pet supplies and more.

In many of the articles there are pictures and videos of the MeowBrand foursome using the items. Like the Oreo Cat, these cats are also very photogenic and the site has accompanying social channels. You definitely need to check out the About Us page which gives a funny overview of each one.

One page I found very interesting was on cat health insurance. When I was shopping for pet insurance, I wish I had come across this page. There is no particular pet insurer on the main page, just a lot of useful information. Plus there is a very helpful section at the end which is basically a glossary of health insurance terms explaining each in one in detail.

Here is a cool picture of the MeowBrand cats I found on the site:


MeowBrand Cats

The final site is Cole and Marmalade and is about 2 brothers named, you guessed it, Cole and Marmalade. Again, these two are adorable and sweet. This site is a combination of the previous two. Like the Oreo Cat it has a charity focus but similar to MeowBrand, it provides useful articles for cat owners.

The owner is also featured in many of the videos and you can tell he loves his cats. It’s nice to see a site with videos depicting the funny things cats do, but that only a cat owner may understand.

Here’s an example of one of these videos that any cat owner can appreciate:

Of course Cole and Marmalade have their own line up of social channels which I encourage you to check out. However, one cool topic covered on their sites is How To’s and this is probably one of my favorite sections. Not only is it quite informative for any cat owner, but there are videos for each topic making it enjoyable to learn something new.


Photography Tips for Beginners

The best way to take better photos is simply to practice and experiment. However, if you’d like to fast track your photo skills, there are a few basic tips you can try out.

Focus on the Subject Fill the Frame

A common occurrence which many aren’t even aware of until after taking a picture is the main focus of the picture is too far away. Try to get as close as possible so your picture has as little blank background as possible. By doing so, your pictures will be easier to see, and you’ll likely be more pleased with the outcome.

Here are a couple of tips which will assist you will filling the frame with your subject matter and making for a more interesting photo:

1. Use an optical zoom lens. It’s an excellent way to obtain those close-up shots.

2. Move closer to your subject to get in the best possible position to capture the perfect close-up shot.


Rule of Thirds

The rule of thirds is a vital beginner photography tip you need to be aware of to produce good results. Many digital cameras have the option to place a 3×3 grid over what you are looking at through the lens which helps with this process. Even if your camera doesn’t have this ability, try to image a grid which is divided by length and width.

Your subject should ideally be placed at the intersection of two lines, but this is in no way obligatory. There is nothing magical with the intersections and the most notable thing with the rule of thirds is it helps you to avoid always centering your subject in every photograph. If you sometimes place your subject slightly off-center in a photograph, you may discover you can achieve more visual interest in your images.

Remove the Clutter

Another reason why some photographs don’t manage to turn out well is they are too cluttered. It can be tricky for the main subject to sometimes stand out in the shot if the surroundings or background area have too much going on.

Try to pick settings where the backdrop is simplistic and uncluttered. It will help your subject to stand out and prevent it from blending in with everything else which may be captured in the background.

Fill Flash

Sometimes you might notice there clearly is not adequate light from the existing light source. In these cases, it may require you to improve the light source. One solution to this predicament is using fill flash. It isn’t a true flash as a flash would be utilized at night.

A fill flash works to provide supplemental lighting or to fill in light on the portion of the image where the shadows are too strong. It can make a dramatic and paramount difference in your photos.


A common example is if you were to take a close-up shot of a flower in strong daylight and contrast. In this case, you are prone to get somewhat heavy shadows in some parts of the flower. The fill flash can provide these shadows a “kiss” of light to brighten them moderately.

Most cameras available today have the fill flash feature. You don’t even need to use full manual mode to take advantage of the fill flash option. The exact way in which you utilize the fill flash feature will depend on your camera type, so you should check the owner’s manual.

Many cameras have a lightening bolt close to the main button. By pressing this button, you ought to be able to cycle through the different flash options.


Often people think that if they buy a bunch of expensive equipment, they will automatically take outstanding photographs. Although some of the more advanced equipment may give you more options, it can’t replace good old practice and the experience you develop over time.

A basic point and shoot type of camera can be used to take great pictures when you spend a bit of your time with your camera practicing and experimenting. The more you spend taking pictures, the more you will learn and the better photos you will be able to produce in time.

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